Quality 4.0: Cost of Quality article and upcoming QMD presentation
I am pleased to report that my article on Cost of Quality for Quality 4.0 Implementation was published by Quality Magazine today.

This will be elaborated in the upcoming QMD presentation:.
Managing Quality 4.0 combining ISO 25010 Criteria and ITIL practices
Thursday, September 10, 2020 5:00 pm Eastern, 4:00 p.m. Central


I am grateful and appreciative to QMD for its role as the ASQ Technical Community for Quality 4.0 strategic content.  Thank you Peggy Milz‍  , Jerry Rice‍  , Denis Devos‍  , Douglas Wood‍ , Sandra Furterer‍ , and the QMD team of leaders and content managers like Luigi Sille‍ .
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Just to manage expectations, authors like Gregory Watson‍ have covered Quality 4.0 in a much more elegant and detailed manner.  This is very modest in comparison, and is drawn from tactical experience.
Peggy Milz
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Congratulations, Dan!  We are so grateful to have your expertise on our team.  I can't wait to attend your presentation next week!