Hiring, training and engaging the new generations in quality management
Jerry Rice
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Here is a recording of the April 20 Webinar entitled Hiring, training and engaging the new generations in quality management presented by Luciana Paulise. It is something near and dear to my heart. I thought this would be a good forum for those that attended or listened to the recording to discuss what they heard.

During the last two decades, the workplace has been evolving to prioritize teamwork and employee development given that different generations have shown up. Millennials and Gen Z are pushing to reshape the workplace while Baby Boomers are delaying retirement. Different generations have essentially different working habits and values. The youngest employees, Millennials and Generation Z will represent 40% in many workplaces by the end of 2020.

This talk will help participants understand how to attract, train and engage these generations.

After this 60-minute webinar, attendees should be able to:
  • Identify the different generations at the workplace
  • Understand how to attract and engage Millennials and Gen Z
  • Learn about different training methods for the new generations
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Mr. Rice, 
I do appreciate the enthusiasm for the topic and the new generations in quality management. I am for the changes unfolding for the future workforce but do not agree with the terms or the implications noted.
We are all guilty of throwing terms and acronyms around as though all understand what the letters mean.  There is a language difference and have existed between generations throughout time because we do not want to  quote "become our parents".  
Instead of putting names on generations, Millennials and Gen Z and Baby Boomers, we should focus on how changes evolve.  You may respond "that is what Luciana Paulise" is presenting in her presentation.  Well maybe we should do better and focus on the tasks and the person who will perform the tasks.  After all the main purpose of production is quality output and customer satisfaction.
Granted personalities are a major input to making sure the tasks are completed that meet the specifications and regulatory guidelines but it is not the main focus.  
I felt the presentation and your comments focused more on the hiring age than how well the person would perform.
My opinion. I am still willing to help any company gain excellence through sound quality programs. 
Jerry Rice
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You make some great points. The underlying processes (especially in a regulated industry) don't change much. The systems side of an organization is what it is. The team development side, however, is dynamic... always changing. As a boomer, I think it is my responsibility now to leave something behind for the next generation to build upon. The focus in my career has become more of a support role for those that will take my place. This webinar gave me some insight on how I can better accomplish that.