ISO Management Standards & Industry 4.0
Certainly, a very interesting topic for the whole world. Will the current concept based on Annex SL be able to fit into new trends? What is the future of ISO management standards in Industry 4.0? Management systems developed on ISO standards based on new concept (Annex SL) are going through rapid changes brought on by new digital tools and the industrial internet of things, Big Data and other elements of Industry 4.0.

Current situation, where certificates, in most cases, represent paintings on the wall, will certainly not be able to survive. I think.
  • Will ISO and other standardizers respond promptly and prepare new standards versions or guidelines, as they are doing now (samples could be ISO 10000 standard series or ISO 2700X standards), or
  • Leading carriers of Industry 4.0 will impose their management mechanisms, rule, internal standards, or
  • Future systems will be deeply separated from the management system based on ISO standards and they are going in history.

Let's discuss it!