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Recently has been changes in my organization...after years woking in QAQC in other companies..this is the first time where ISO administration has been moved to the Finance department....QA as department does not exist in the corporate where I work...what is your opinion about this??....Quality activities as the administration of the Quality Business plan and strategies towars Quality is in our manufacturing plant...but in our corporate QA presecense does not exist.....
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Janet Lentz
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Many companies function without a quality professional, especially small ones. The effectiveness of this strategy depends on the business you’re in. Some industries, like pharmaceuticals and aerospace would not allow this. 
I would say that the function under which Quality exists is less important than how well it is set up and how it is run. QA could be under OpEX, Finance, Production, HSE, HR, etc. as as long as it has established programs and run in accordance with documented practices. 
Of course, it could also be set up as its own entity and run poorly because of not having any processes or by ignoring those entirely. 
Operating system and execution is ultimately what matters. 
Just my 2 cents. YMMV
On a lighter note, " Wish all spending for Quality activities are approved quickly" :-) . Well!! As long as the perspective, alignment to objectives and right heads with knowledge to give direction towards the quality deliverable are taken care, i guess it doesnt matter which function holds it
I would tend to agree with Janet. Depending on industry, company and function/service it is not always critical to have a centralized QA role.
If you have strong quality culture and the culture has enablers in place to drive for excellence a separate QA function is not needed.

I would focus on the quality management system and ensure all elements are in place and sustainable.