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Hello QM division. My company, a credit union, is looking to implement a formal process improvement program. We have a lot of back-office processes that are being done because that's the way we've always done them. The same goes for how we communicate, especially changing processes and procedures, throughout the org. It's status quo-ville. The company knows there is room to gain efficiencies and wants to invest.

What models are trending right now in the Quality Management arena that I should begin investigating? 
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Jerry Rice
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It depends on where you are and where you want to go. In my opinion ISO 9001, while not trendy, is a good basic quality management system model... whether you pursue certification to the standard or not. If you want to take a more strategic/ holistic look at the organization, an organizational excellence model such as Baldridge might work. Again, I wouldn't consider that trendy. For an organizational excellence model to work it requires a good bit of reflection on the organization's needs from the most senior leadership. I see Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, etc. as sets of tools that you can mix and match to help you but I wouldn't exactly call them models. 

What I see trending (and what the organization I work for is trying to apply) is the integration of all management systems requirements into one business operating system for the organization. You still have to determine what models to settle on for quality management, operations management, health and safety, environmental, HR, supply chain, etc. The underlying premise is your organization has a unique blueprint of how to deliver value to your customers with one (and only one) overarching business operating system of well defined processes and activities. The requirements from whatever management system model(s) you use then become inputs for applicable processes within your organization. If done perfectly, we see no need for separate manuals, management reviews, departments, etc. based on function. We know we won't do it perfectly, but our hope is to do it well enough to better streamline the organization to provide more focus on the customer and less on management system requirements. Good enterprise content management software is a prerequisite to keep track of the links between processes and ensure all the various management system requirements are accounted for.

With all of that said, I haven't come across any publications that are particularly helpful in the area of management systems integration. Maybe someone here can provide additional insight. The goal is to have one operating system for the organization, not separate sometimes competing systems of processes and activities with their own administration. 

Sorry I couldn't be more help than that, but I really haven't seen any groundbreaking trends in quality management over the past decade. I'm curious to hear from others.

Jerry Rice
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I have experience with banks in Serbia, the first Bank I did was back in 1995, I implemented the concept of the old version of the standard but also TQM elements of Deming's 14 points. Other banks to which I was consultant later, we always used integrated systems with the use and recommendations of several standards, primarily from the ISO 10000 series. Because of the specifics of the service, we also used standards that drought related to other jobs and above all to information and services security. As the integrations are up-to-date, especially with ISO 27001 and ISO 2000-1 and ISO 22301, you need to take this into account, because some degree of integration with the SOC’s  and other US  national rules about banking, must certainly be achieved within the requirements, especially take care about ISO 9001 requirements  6.1 regarding risks and opportunities.
I strongly recommend taking a good look at these standards, at the end of a day, you have an ISO standard that talks about choosing a consultant if you work with external assistance, ISO 10019.
ISO 9004, ISO 10002, ISO 10004, ISO 10005, ISO 10015, ISO 10018, ISO 10019, ISO/IEC TR 90005:2008, ISO/IEC TR 90006:2013, ISO/IEC 27013:2015, ISO 15782-1:2009, ISO 20038:2017, ISO 20022, ISO 90003.
For integrations I have a very good experiences with PAS 99 British publicly available specification for integrations of management systems.
You need to follow ISO TC 68 Financial services committee, as well as US ASC X9 Named U.S. Technical Advisory Group for New ISO Standards Committee: TC 322, Sustainable Finance, look at their web sites.
And also recommendation to read ISO document „ISO-TMB-JTCG_N0360__concept_document_to_support_An“   attached, with expiations of authors of standard about requirement, as well as to use ISO 9004 with implementation explanations and good samples from real life.
I am open for sharing any experiences and help you may need
Vladimir Simic
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