Management theories and styles
Jerry Rice
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The Quality Management Body of knowledge is undergoing a review for possible revision. The current body of knowledge has applying various management theories and styles as part of the Management Elements and Methods topic area. The exact context is:

"Define and describe management theories such as scientific, organizational, behavioral, learning, systems thinking, and situational complexity. Define and describe management styles such as autocratic, participative, transactional, transformational, management by fact, coaching, and contingency approach. Describe how management styles are influenced by an organization’s size, industry sector, culture, and competitors."

 How should this area of the quality management body of knowledge be changed?
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This section, like a few other sections of the BoK is a hodge-podge of memorization and disparate ideas and a wide umbrella. It could benefit from the teaching of critical thinking and an updating to match current theoretical work. For example, I see little in there about reliability seeking organizations, yet that is a current area of work that I think very much aligns with the mission of the ASQ.

To make this section truly valuable, and not just a regurgitation of stuff that your average exam taker finds annoying, we need to move beyond the list and to a higher level of bloom's taxonomy. Instead of "Define and describe" this should be "appraise and interpret."

Frankly, I find this to be true of most of this and related sections. Nothing in the CMQ/OE should be below the Analysis level, unfortunately, most areas of the BoK are. This devalues the value of the certification.