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I am interested in the topic of QMS automation software for management of internal audits, corrective actions, quality plans, etc. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with this kind of software and implementation of the such systems.

At this point, I am considering a vendor called ETQ.

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I used to work for Intellect (Intellect | QMS Software | Quality Management System). They offer a suite of QMS apps along side a suite of EHS apps. When I earned my CQA, I used my learnings to help build out the new version of their Audit Management app. Their apps are built on a business process management (BPM) platform, which allows customers to modify apps. I noticed that your firm, as listed on LinkedIn, is in construction. Intellect has a customer using their BPM platform for management of construction projects. Check out their site or reach out directly to Adriana Magana (amagana@intellect.com), feel free to use my name.

Just for clarification, I no longer work for them and my stock was bought out, so I no longer have any financial interest in the company.

@Franciele Bellaver


I am very interested in the same topic. While I started my journey looking at specific QMS software it quickly led me down the rabbit hole of researching ERP software platforms and others that are capable of automating more pieces of our process. Much of the data I would need for the QMS comes from the sales or in-process areas of the operation so looking at the big picture that encompasses all of our automation needs seemed intuitive.

The amount of different software options is rather overwhelming so at this point I'm working on outlining our current situation in detail, specifying our goals and crafting a strategic plan to help guide this implementation.

We are a relatively small job shop so there are a lot of options that are either going to price us out or are just not developed to function exactly how we need it. To me, that is the biggest piece of the software selection process, finding the right fit for your context.

@Franciele Bellaver

We use Jira by Atlassian which is a workflow software for managing our corrective actions, change requests, and other projects that require workflow management. Very configurable and very low cost, but you will need someone to become the expert in configuring the software.

We also use TeamCenter by Seimens for document control of all of our engineering drawings, specifications, FMEA, Control Plans, LPAs, etc. TeamCenter has a Quality module, but it is expensive for the licenses and we have not seen the value in additional cost and complexity of the system.

Our plants also use a module out of Oracle or a home grown system for managing tool calibrations.

We have a company IT team that manages other production systems as well as plants sometimes develop low code systems for managing their local defect tracking.

I have looked at several system on the market that would tie all of these system's together, however the cost and resources has not justified the effort and because we have many plants located across the US with a strong Continuous Improvement culture, jumping to an out of the box system that would not have all of the features and flexibility of some of the homegrown systems we have would not be effective. So we continue to grow towards a common, internally developed systems for managing both production and quality.

IntellaQuest is one of the software packages I looked at that seemed to have promise. In the end, it takes a lot of research and evaluating against your needs and the willingness of the organization to adopt. I also think the ability to purchase an out of the box system that will be effective depends on the complexity of your company (number of locations, products, level of vertical integration etc.). No single ‘best’ solution for all companies.

Best of luck!

Hi Franciele,
I've been implementing different QMS software applications for the past 25 years for various companies. I've worked with ETQ, Master Control, High QA, QT9, Plex, Unipoint, BSI, and a few other. I ended up starting my own company implementing Quality Management Systems for organizations and we designed and developed our own QMS software application that we use when implementing Quality Systems for organizations.

I can help you with any specific information you may need for any of the Quality Software applications that I've worked with in the past.
Feel free to reach out to me


@Franciele Bellaver
I was in a similar situation last year and compared several options. Advanced Quality, Soft Expert, BPA, ETQ, and uniPoint. All had similar features. In the end I chose uniPoint. A large part of the decision was based on the fact that it integrated with our ERP system, making it much easier to share information rather than duplicating info, saving time every time a non-conformance or other record is entered that requires info from the ERP system. Another plus is that it contains all core quality functions out of the box, and has a bunch of optional add-on modules that can be can be added at any time, for an additional cost of course. I made an excel spreadsheet and listed pros and cons of each before I made my decision. I have been using it for about 8-months and I do not regret my decision. Most companies will give you a free remote demo, and some will let you test drive it for 30 days. There are so many options. Pick a handful and really compare before you choose.

FYI, uniPoint has a great customer support and they also have a bunch of free training videos (once you have purchased the product).

Hi @Franciele Bellaver,

I havent used a system myself, but I have been reached out by UniPoint, their systems looks pretty interesting. If you want I can contact you with them. Or you can check their web page www.unipointsoftware.com

We made the decision to go with uniPoint back in 2012 and year over year it has added value and continues to be an excellent company to work with from the President Dean Antonakes all the way through sales staff Sara, Jill, and support staff etc... They have always gone above and beyond! Our second and third party auditors love the workflow and we have received many positive indicators for their closed loop quality management software. There is a User Group Meeting in Bloomington MN Oct 11, they schedule them throughout the year at various locations. If there were to be one in your area you could see the software first hand.
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