Strategy Management with a Strategy Map and its Balanced Scorecard
Jerry Rice
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Last evening I had the pleasure of hearing Gary Cokins talk about Strategy Management with a Strategy Map and its Balanced Scorecard. It was a different take than I've heard before on the subject with more emphasis placed on organization wide involvement in strategy development. There was more focus on the strategy map than the balanced scorecard itself. This webinar covered; 
  • How strategy maps and their companion balanced scorecards communicate strategic objectives with target-setting to help cross-functional employee teams align their behavior to the strategy and better collaborate.
  • How to design a strategy map and identify the strategy’s required projects or core process improvements which lead to selecting KPIs.
  • How to differentiate strategic KPIs from operational performance indicators which cascade downward from the strategic KPIs.
  • How to deploy a “quick start” implementation in two days to iteratively expand to a balanced scorecard production system in a few weeks.
A link to a recording of the webinar is HERE. For those that attended… what were your takeaways?