Live streaming of chapter meeting presentations
Hi ASQ'ers, and specifically Chapter 1510'ers!
We are now committed to live streaming ALL dinner meeting presentations.  The leadership board of 1510 has procured the necessary materials.  We made our first attempt 11/12: technical failure - we hadn't loaded MS Office on new laptop so couldn't load PPT, etc....
Don't let that get in your way!  We are committed to providing access to our members and our next meeting (in 2020) will stream (like water?).

Feel free to reply back with questions and comments.  We are using Zoom which is capable of remote engagement (virtual attendees can be see AND heard).


Steve Kramer, Webmaster and Student Branch Counselor
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Thank you Steven!
Hi Steven, how are you getting in touch with your members to alert them about upcoming meetings. Is there a reminder with a link to use or an email? I am getting back into the swing of things and I see much progress has been done. Great to see!