Looking for Opportunities to Speak re: Preventing the Great Resignation

Hi DMV ASQ friends,

I don't know about you, but the attrition and the Great Resignation stats are alarming. I really think it's important to stem the tide and help businesses sidestep this challenge wherever possible because our economy is at stake.

I've been supporting small-med sized businesses through this for the past few years and there are many DIY and no-cost activities that can be undertaken right now and I want to start amplifying the info.

Do any of you have suggestions for podcasts or speaking opportunities, or better yet, can you make any introductions? I'm not looking for paid gigs, this is 100% community outreach and support. It's a matter of values, and it's the mission of my firm, L-12 Services.

All help, guidance, and intros are appreciated. If I have a legacy, helping businesses survive this moment in time while retaining their biggest asset (THEIR PEOPLE) would be a great one.

Thank you for being in community and for collaborating with me,


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Hi Lizabeth, did anyone contact your from ASQ 0509? If not, let's talk. I have some ideas for you and I have been noodling the idea of a Podcast for the DC area. Any interest?