Rockford Section 1205- Discover Engineering at the Discovery Center 2020
On February 15Th, a surprisingly warm winter day, Tom and Pat Hall, Barry Beaman, and myself met at the Discovery Center for Discover Engineering. There were at least 70 booths from local companies and other professional societies; all had hand on engineering related activities for the children and adults.

We were looking forward to many great interactions while discussing Trend Analysis with children and adults. Pat Hall, dressed in an Indian scarf, measured height and plotted one chart with Weight vs. Height and another chart with Birthday Month vs. Height. I assisted Pat by holding the eight foot height measurement device wearing a divine silk Indian skirt. Barry, dressed as Barry, brought calipers to show attendees how to measure and read the caliper, unfortunately we never had a chance to measure height with the six inch calipers - Bummer!

Our Swami, Tom Hall, dressed in a blue, white and gold striped kaftan, bravely predicted the weights of the children and the adults that volunteered. Surprisingly, his predictions improved throughout the day as more data points were added the to Weight vs. Height chart. We were thrilled, the children were thrilled, the adults were slightly thrilled when the chart showed a definite relationship and trend!!!!!

The women loved Tom's weight predictions and they often laughed. He definitely knows how to play the audience. 

It was a great day; over 1000 attendees, free lunch, snacks, and drinks with GREAT interactions.

P.S I just realized my divine skirt didn't show in any of the pictures taken. I will have to wear it again next year.

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