Why are some organizations failing with continuous improvement efforts?

Virtually all leaders believe that their organizations must learn and improve every day to stay competitive. Even though many organizations understand the need to implement continuous improvement strategies in their workplace, not all organizations are successful with their implementation. Lack of top management support and improvement suggestion systems are usually listed as the main factors leading to the failure of continuous improvement activities.

Why are some organizations failing with continuous improvement efforts?

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Organizations fail despite the continuous improvement efforts because the organization's goals are not clearly set (SMART). Also, it could be because of the organization's lack of culture implementation involving each member to improve actively and continuously.

I believe organizations may fail in the continuous improvement of strategies because the process leaders are not given the directive and tools to work with their teams to develop, prioritize and transform processes towards the strategies, leading to employees' lack of engagement. Strategies must be translated into goals within the respective functions. Only then can leaders empower the employees to drive transformation.

I agree with you. To drive higher strategic transformation outcomes, organizations can use the SMART goal model, which may help them manage strategic, agile initiatives in a better way.