ASQ Canada Quality Conference 2022

Have you heard that ASQ Vancouver was selected to host ASQ Canada Quality Conference 2022?

We might still be a few months away from the World Month of Quality, November when we proudly host this exciting event, but ASQ Vancouver’s dedicated team is already working in the background to make sure we make the most of this opportunity.

We plan to bring you the very best of our long-standing Quality and Business Excellence conference traditions combined with the brand new hybrid experience you will find both valuable and refreshing. Stay tuned for our fabulous theme and more details!

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ASQ Canada Conference 2022 Theme is Announced!

Facing adversity is a part of life. It’s not desirable, it’s not what we ask for, but it is what we have to experience from time to time due to an array of internal and external factors. What makes a difference is how we start recognizing these factors as resolvable issues, what lessons we learn from them, and, most importantly, how we move forward to pursue the best opportunities that lie ahead.

Overcoming Adversity: A Leap Forward is the theme of the upcoming ASQ Canada National Conference, the biggest event yet hosted by ASQ Vancouver. While the date of the conference and the details of our prime venue are to be communicated soon, we invite you to stay tuned and plan to join us for this blended annual conference on Quality and Business Excellence.

ASQ Canada Conference 2022 Date is Announced!

This year we are hosting the ASQ Canada National Conference, which will take place on November 19th, 2022, to mark World Quality Month. Mark this space on your calendar - we would love to see you online or, better yet, in person joining this blended event we are working hard to bring to you!

We are currently accepting speaker applications for the opportunity to present at this exciting event – which will be held in a blended format – online and in person.

Our Theme this Year is: “Overcoming Adversity: A Leap Forward”

The purpose of our conference is to create a platform for sharing leading-edge developments in the fields of Quality Management and Business Excellence. We are looking forward to hearing from industry experts, thought leaders, and business coaches who will inspire our audience to overcome the adversity they may face in their lives by finding strategies for moving forward.

Our conference attracts a wide range of professionals, practitioners, and students of Quality Management, Business Operations, and related disciplines residing in Canada, and the US and joining virtually from other parts of the world. So, this is a great opportunity for speakers to showcase their expertise in front of a potentially worldwide audience.

All proposals must include practical learning that can be implemented. The acceptable formats are: keynote speeches, case studies, workshops, panel discussions, etc. Sales pitches are not accepted.

Possible topics:

  • Keynote: Defining and Shaping the Future for Mankind and Planet
  • Enterprise Quality Management System as a response to growing customer expectations and changing market trends
  • Augmenting Humanity: Pros and Cons of Linking Humans with Machines (Panel of Experts)
  • IoT and the Transforming Industries: What are some of the gains QMS has already experienced from the technology that is still in its infancy
  • Quality and Safety issues around Electric Vehicles and proposed solutions
  • A New Workplace: how to incorporate young starters during the rise of the hybrid workplaces
  • The role of unions in the 21st century: what’s behind the unionization wave at corporate giants (such as Apple, Amazon, Starbucks)
  • Mastering the Use of social media: how to make a difference when so many players are vying for attention
  • Built to Last: A Case Study on a successful revival of the old quality concept with the modern elements of sustainability
  • The effect of the war in Ukraine on the field of quality management around the globe
  • Which industries are hit the hardest, and what are the ways out
  • How automation helps to improve quality and the ways to help your people to embrace it
  • How to get ahead in life by building a successful business case for anything

To apply please send the following to by September 15th, 2022.

  1. Brief professional bio including your previous speaking experience and references (approximately 150 words).
  2. A brief synopsis of your proposed presentation that clearly links it to the conference theme (the presentation should be approximately 35 minutes long – with some time allocated at the end for questions).
  3. Key takeaways from your session – up to three top learning objectives.
  4. Your current headshot (preferably 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm in jpeg format but png is also acceptable).
  5. Indicate whether or not you are interested in taking a spot as a backup speaker.
  6. Whether your proposal is accepted or not, we will contact you by September 15th. Selected speakers will receive the details on milestones in the process.


Presentations are not sales pitches or direct product/service promotions. ASQ Vancouver reserves the right to modify content. Speakers will be asked to participate in a brief dry run 1-2 weeks before the event so we can prevent any technical challenges during the event itself.