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Hello fellow ASQ Vancouver members.
I am new to this group, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I live and work in Nanaimo with Fisheries and Oceans Canada as a quality manager in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited diagnostic testing lab. I am relatively new to the world of quality, but I am passionate about it and I love learning, so I am looking forward to engaging with this community.


Hello Vancouver ASQ Community,

My name is Kare Selvaraj and I have been an ASQ member for over 7 years. Been in Vancouver for 4 years and currently working with Best Buy Canada.

I am passionate about quality and the amount of effort that all professionals put into the field is phenomenal. Would love to hear more about your quality journey - so feel free to reach out to me.

Kare Selvaraj

Hello Derek,

Welcome to the world of quality! You will not regret your decision!

We have a member in the island : Fernando who is part of the Vancouver leadership committee. Please reach out to him at :

We are hosting our annual Conference 15-16 Nov 2021.

All the best!


Hello Selvaraj,

Good to hear from you! I presume you are following up on events from ASQ Vancouver. The last one was on “cartooning in quality”. Please get in touch with anyone from the section if you need any info or would like to contribute as a volunteer. We are also hosting our annual Conf 15-16 Nov.

Soo Myong
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Hello ASQ Vancouver!

I would like to introduce myself as I am new to ASQ and the world of Quality.

I am currently in the process of completing BCIT's Certificate - Quality and Process Management and working in Manufacturing in a Quality support role.

I am humbled to be a member of the Vancouver Section Leadership Committee as the co-chair VOC and Membership. I look forward to learning from all of you and connecting with the ASQ community!

Warmest Regards,