Nomination for Simon Collier Quality Award Due May 31, 2021
Daniel Wong
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This is a prestigious award, awarded to ASQ professionals who have performed exemplary work for Quality in organizations.

Do you know people who are leaders in promoting quality concepts, people who have made a
difference in the quality culture or performance of their industries, companies, or in the world at
large? Tell us about them now!
The Los Angeles Section would like to recognize their contributions with the 32 nd Simon Collier
Quality Award this fall. This is a nationally recognized award given in honor of one of the early
movers and shakers of ASQ and the Los Angeles Section.
The attachments provide a detailed flyer suitable for your newsletter plus a five page Sponsors
Nomination Form.
PURP0SE OF AWARD is to honor, encourage, and/or specifically identify outstanding individual or
group leadership, accomplishment and ingenuity in organizing, promoting, operating, or improving
Quality Systems and Programs in areas such as Industry, Government, Education, Business, Health or
Service Organizations, which fit the professional objectives of the American Society for Quality.
The nominee’s achievements may have resulted from outstanding ability and success in management,
training, advising and writings in the field of Quality or in appropriately related works of design,
manufacture, reliability, maintainability, safety, liability, etc. of product or service systems. The award is
not intended to honor traditional classroom teaching.
Deadline for Nomination: May 31, 2021.
For additional information please contact:
Jim Morrison
Chair, Simon Collier Quality Award Committee
Jim Morrison at 310-541-1417
SCQA Nomination Form.doc