Chairman's Message of the Month
Our Monthly Message to you from Orange Empire Chair, Elizabeth.
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May Chair Message, 2020

As of the writing of my last message, I along with many of you are on furlough or may have been laid off from our employers due to the Corona virus pandemic. You, like me, may have had friends or family affected by the virus, and some even passed away. I hope for the most part, you are healthy and anyone who has suffered from the virus is on their way to recovery. I send my condolences to those of you who have lost anyone from the virus during this time.
If we stick together and stay positive, I know we can beat this. It will be a while before we are all back together on a face to face basis. From our headquarters we are asked to not have face to face meetings until after August. That would put our first meeting in September. That seems like a reasonable request so that we can all feel safe when we meet again. However, we may still need to wear masks and we should continue using good hygiene. That is a must. Those of us who have worked in health services have been preaching good hygiene for some time and it is not new. This pandemic has really opened many eyes for the rest who realize it is a good practice in preventing disease. Let’s keep it up.
One way to spend your time during furlough is to continue your studies and earning of RU’s. We have continued to offer on-line certification refresher courses. We recently completed the Certified Supplier Quality Professional and Certified Quality Auditor. Thank you to all of our LC members who served as instructors! Just a reminder, if your re-certification is due in June, you can ask ASQ for an extension until December 31, 2020. You must go to and make the request.
Other ways to spend your time is a good exercise routine, or learning a new craft. During this time I have used it to teach my daughter how to cook. She has taken up new hobbies including learning how to play the piano from an on-line app. It’s not as fun as interacting with a teacher right next to you, but it gets the job done. I myself am working on studying for the Certified Biomedical Auditor certificate. These are just ideas. I welcome you to share what you’re doing on our website. It may give inspiration to those who need a little more encouragement. I would love to hear from you. Finally, stay safe and stay sane. We will get through this, together. Sending virtual hugs to all!

Liz Matheny
ASQ 0701 Chair – Orange County Empire

   June Chair Message, 2020
 By the time this is published, half the year will be over and some of us will be into our 70-somethingeth day of working at home, or with no job, or fighting COVID-19 directly on the front lines. There are many of us right in the same boat together, going through emotional roller coasters and finding the daily courage to put on PPE and face whatever comes our way. Most of you have managed this with a smile on your face (even though we cannot see it) and a deep breath, hoping that we are approaching the end of this dilemma. For me, it is getting back to the job I really enjoyed with a company I really liked, mostly because of the comradery that I felt with my team and coworkers. It goes to show us that humans need humans. We are better with each other than without.
       To keep some normalcy, we here in section 0701 have already had our first virtual monthly meeting with over 200 attendees. We had a dynamic speaker, Mr. Mark Lindsey, who spoke about risk management. There was a focus on making business continuity plans - quite relevant during this pandemic. Do you have this in place with your company? Mark made some great suggestions as to how to put a strong plan together. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.
       This month we celebrate Father’s Day. For those of you who are fathers, or those that are both mother and father, I wish you a wonderful month. For those that had to, or are having to, celebrate their birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries quarantined, I send you best wishes. Let us look to the future and to a better tomorrow. Together we can accomplish so much more.
       We have several certification classes starting this month, and our next virtual meeting is on June 9th. Look for our email blasts for more details. Feed your mind, body, and spirit. Learning keeps you current, and keeps your mind and soul strong. Please remember to continue following CDC guidelines. Soon we will be back together and will be better than ever.

Want to be a presenter? Let me know.

Elizabeth Matheny
ASQ 0701 Chair