Small Job Posting Break
Robert Martin
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Hi All,

I have some work travel ahead for the next few weeks, so I will resume job posting on November 7.

As always, please feel free to post any new relevant jobs you hear about that would enable our members to advance their careers.

Will catch you in ~3 weeks.


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I just posted and paid for a QE job posting on the ASQ website. How can we get it mentioned in the weekly emails? The email exposure is why we paid for the posting. The company is ArmorWorks and it is for a QE role in Chandler.


Frederick Cone

@Frederick Cone

The Phoenix Section does not send out weekly emails. If you you are referring to the weekly myASQ Digest, these are automatically emailed based on the user profile set-up. The individual ASQ member must select whether to receive daily, weekly or monthly summaries (and what topics) in their myASQ Profile.


Bob Mitchell

Section Chai