Quality Inspector Opening at Curtiss-Wright (Manufacturing)

Curtiss-Wright just opened a new position for a Quality Inspector at their facility in Gilbert.

This role requires a bit of experience, but suits those in the field of manufacturing quality inspection and control.

From their posting, the responsibilities include the following:

  • Performs inspections, checks testing and sampling procedures for product manufacturing processes.
  • Carries out manufacturing inspections and sampling of incoming components and raw materials to ensure that company standards are met.
  • Verifies equipment and instrumentation calibration and ensures proper disposition when found to be past due.
  • Prepares product acceptance package and creates acceptance ticket for product stores
  • Assist with inputs to inspection procedure development or revision.
  • Approve or reject bulk raw materials once analytical data is evaluated.
  • Proficient in reading engineering drawings, reading material specifications.
  • Interfaces with various portals and systems to verify part requirements (rejections, quality alerts, First Article, etc.)
  • Creates rejection reports for product being found non-conforming
  • Collaborates with engineering and quality teams to clear up misunderstandings in part requirements.
  • Validates accuracy of product certification documentation and ensures part specification requirements are met.
  • Applies inspection training to ensure measurement accuracy and repeatability of parts.


  • High School degree or equivalent; Bachelor's degree is preferred.
  • Technical/Trade school is a plus.
  • 4-6 years of experience.

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