Quality Assurance and Training Sr. Supervisor Opening at DHL (Transportation/Packaging)

DHL in Tempe has an opening for a senior-level QA and Training Supervisor with the following qualifications:

  • Facilitation and training skills
  • Being computer proficient with Microsoft Office tools and Software skills (Customer Service systems, e.g. ACD, MS Office, Quality Monitoring Systems, etc.)
  • Software skills (DHL Systems)
  • IT skills relating to PCs & peripheral devices i.e. printers, monitors, etc., (basic troubleshooting)
  • Negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • Analytical, organizational and motivational skills
  • People Management and Leadership skills
  • Problem solving skills: Applying your creative and innovative thinking skills in bringing successful resolutions to high-impact, and complex problems
  • Having an extensive depth of expertise and knowledge in specialized functions or business areas
  • Highly motivated, competitive, and a self-starter individual

You will need each of these, because the responsibilities list is extensive. From their site:

Key Accountabilities

  • Support QA monthly closing and guarantee the 100% is achieved from QA department and CS Supervisors. Audit evaluations, interactions (call, fax, e-mail, chat, or GEMA) per established lines of business guidelines to achieve customer satisfaction if needed.
  • Knowledge of Quality Monitoring applications; setup new users, perform monthly changes, update schedules and trouble shoot system issues and CIS and Tools trainings for implementation and to improve CS Training completion supporting the Annual Training Roadmap.
  • Understand and create filters for reporting tools in Quality Monitoring application to provide any requested quality data. Use MS Office to publish monthly reports and design changes as necessary
  • Facilitate monthly Mystery Shop program, write participant scripts regularly to ensure global scenarios are followed and keep a partnership with the MS vendor.
  • Hold consistent calibration sessions with advisors, supervisors, vendors and management. Responsible for scheduling, determining interactions to review, having notes documented and making sure all team members participate. Share your best practices for evaluating. Assign and follow up on resulting action items.
  • Review each report (QA by department & interaction type, Mystery Shop, AHT, Training completion, etc) to identify trends, root cause and suggestions for improvement.
  • Recruits, hire and provide training, coaching and development to Quality and Training specialists. Assigns work, sets completion dates, reviews work, and manages performance in accordance with organizational policies, procedures, and performance management processes as workload.
  • Support and work closely with team managers and supervisors to conduct post-training evaluation and coaching. Gauge training effectiveness and identify strengths for reinforcement and weaknesses.
  • Candidate must possess problem-solving skills and integrate complex reporting needs.
  • Provide detailed feedback and reporting to assist management in monitoring and improving performance.
  • Strong understanding of Global Mystery Shop guidelines and scoring process, create new scripting quarterly, train new participants, create monthly report for Global, analyze and compare scores month over month and determine reason for results, CIS Trainings and Training roadmap and needs.
  • May assist in training, project coordination, and other duties as assigned.
  • Administer and develop job aids and communication pieces to announce and/or reinforce country and global processes/procedures and optimal system usage.
  • Proficient in Quality Monitor applications; can create filters, reports, add and remove advisors and set schedules. Able to identify when trouble ticket is needed or if fix can be made locally.
  • Strong computer skills with Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Ability to manage data and know how to extract and convert to friendly format when publishing to the end user.
  • Must possess professional communication skills in sharing feedback (spoken and written) with all levels of the business internal and external.
  • Strong analytical skills are needed to interpret data and identify trends.
  • Analytical thinking. Interpret reports to correlate data, provide processes improvements, determine corrective course of action and training suggestions based on trend data.
  • Skills in time management, job prioritization and able to work independently.
  • Focused on identifying and understanding each customer’s needs. Expresses and acts on desire to assist customers in an efficient and friendly manner.

You can apply for this position here.