Intro: New Placement Chair for 2022 and Job Links, Too.
Robert Martin
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Hi, All.

This is Robert Martin, the Placement Chair for 2022.

Over the course of the upcoming year, I will be posting various open Phoenix-area Quality positions (as well as removing filled ones) and attempt to keep the postings on our ASQ Phoenix site current and pertinent.

In addition to my own QA and testing roles, I have been performing hiring and interviewing tasks for over 25 years, and am actively doing what I can to assist job seekers in the Quality fields stay valuable and relevant.

Additionally, I am planning to reach out to some high-tech firms in the valley and determine whether we can establish some longer-lasting relationships between our local ASQ members and companies that have any QA positions that they might need filled. Roadmap and schedule in progress...

Job Searches

To get you started, some "fixed" searches for all Quality job seekers in the valley are listed below.

If you are in the hunt, you might want to bookmark these and tailor your search to your own specific
strengths (QA, Six Sigma, Lean, and so forth) and location (Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, or elsewhere) if you are looking for a new or better job:

  • Dice. ( This has been one of my own resources for candidates for years.
  • Indeed. ( Probably the current gold standard for all job seekers, and has a plethora of open quality positions.
  • CareerBuilder. ( Often has hidden gems and niche positions that suit specific skill sets.
  • Monster. (

Click the blue links to access the predefined search.

Naturally, your own connections through LinkedIn and your personalized searches in both ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor (account required) are also going to be valuable.

Your CV/Resume

Remember that in addition to triple-checking your own resume, it is always good to have another set of eyes on it, as well as any cover letters you have prepared. Whether it is a friend, relative, colleague, or professional reputable resume service, that extra set of eyes will generally help you remove mistakes and typos, and often provide insights that you might have missed, ultimately boosting your chances to landing that new position.

Invariably, the site to which you are applying will strip away any formatting in your resume for their internal database, but there is typically still a real person (whether HR or a hiring manager) that will review your original uploaded resume, especially if you are looking for a position in manufacturing or hardware, so you want it to look great on paper as well as online.

That said, resume styles change over time. Remember to do all you can to keep yours looking modern. There are numerous examples available online.

Here to Help

Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions, regardless of your age or experience in Quality.

ASQ Resources

Remember to visit the ASQ Career Center (https:/ and as well for additional and nationwide resources
for your search.

Best wishes for a safe, sane, healthy, fruitful, and productive 2022.

Robert Martin