Continuous Improvement Project Managers @ Empire Cat

CI PM @ Empire-Southwest Caterpillar

Requisition #: 20057

Job Summary:

Implement Empire-Cat business strategy while driving a culture of Continuous Improvement (CI). Lead project teams to improve critical business processes that drive successful financial results and improve the client experience. Recruit, train and lead project team members.

Essential Functions:

  1. Maintain high quality and quantity work standards.
  2. Lead projects where the subject focus and solutions are moderately complex in nature, availability, and attainability.
  3. Identify opportunities, define and financially justify projects.
  4. Develop team members. Identify integration issues with other projects/processes and coordinate the improvements.
  5. Track project status and results, remove and alleviate project barriers.
  6. Establish work plan and staffing for each phase of project. Arrange recruitment or assignment of project personnel.
  7. Prepare project reports for management.
  8. Confer with project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve problems.
  9. Work safely at all times. Adhere to all applicable safety policies. Comply with all company policies, procedures and standards

To apply contact:

Katia Bortoluzzi

Continuous Improvement Champion

Empire Southwest


Empire-Job Description-CI-PM.pdf