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Pat Olstad
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Hello Section-0704 Phoenix members,

I am Pat Olstad, your Education Chair. I would like to reach out to our members and solicit your feedback regarding classes, workshops, webinars, training topics, that you would like me to investigate and work to offer these topics to all of you.

Also, if you have participated in any great learning courses, please let me know, as this may be an opportunity that I can investigate for our team.

Please feel free to respond to this discussion and provide me with any course topics that you would like me to investigate.

Thank you and I appreciate your time and feedback.
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Hi Pat Olstad ,
Great discussion topic, hope you can get some good ideas. The section has been trying for several years to generate enough interest to be able to host events once again. It has been several years since all the factors could come together.

For me I may be interested in something along the lines of Data Processing, Analysis and Presentation. In today's world probably on-line would be the format that will get the most activity. However I can see how that could be challenging to get hands on experience in the less controlled environment.

Let know what you find.

Thanks, Dave

Hello Pat,
While not necessarily a training course, I'm very interested in how companies track external training. I work for a DoD contractor and we have a lot of required Air Force and Army training topics/courses that are tracked on their systems. Occasionally I might get a .pdf Certificate of Completion but for most I just get wind of completion second hand. As an example, we have an annual internal Security course all employees must take, yet the AF and Army also require Security training and my folks are wondering if this is a duplication of effort.

Just food for thought, and hopefully germane to what you're asking for,
Pat Olstad
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Sorry for the lengthy time in responding. I did reach out to our training group in my company and they had stated that they had difficulty in finding good training tracking software, that would be applicable to their needs. So they built their own inhouse database to record the information. This may be the case for most companies and the route that they have taken. As for redundancy, I am not in the DoD filed, so someone with more direct knowledge might be better to answer your question.

Hopefully we can get some other feedback to your request and we could get some ideas going.

If you would like direct feedback from others, possibly others in the DoD industry, I would propose that your post your request in MyASQ, and reach out to the masses. Hopefully, you will get a good response.

If you have any training topics or recommendations, please let me know.

Thanks and good luck.