Quality 4.0 in the greater Phoenix area
With ASQ Quality 4.0 Summit  just completed a couple weeks ago and World Quality Month (ASQ link: asq.org/WQM ) starting Nov. 1. I thought it might be interesting to hear where the organizations in our area are on the topic?
In case you haven't heard, Quality 4.0 is an offshoot of Industry 4.0 where the use of disruptive technology is expected to fundamentally change the way businesses operates.  In the case of Quality 4.0 this is applying these technology to the quality function. 
Things like:
Big data
Artificial intelligence
Virtual Reality
Real time data analysis
IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things
Co-bots - Collaborative Robots
Digital Transformation
3-D printing and Additive manufacturing
So For us here in Arizona please share your thoughts.  What can we learn from each other?  What are you doing?  What challenges have you faced?  What opportunities exists?  Where have you seen benefits?  Where have you seen success?