ASQ Membership
As any Quality organization, your Denver 1300 Section is looking for feedback so we can improve our value to our members.  What was your primary motivation for joining the Denver Section?  What benefits have you experienced from our organization?
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My motivation for joining the Denver section was for networking.  My motivation of joining ASQ was to add marketable skills as well as keep up to date on quality issues in addition to networking.
My motivations for joining ASQ include: networking with other Quality professionals, keeping up with developments in the field, earning recertification points, and serving to increase knowledge and awareness of Quality as a practice and a career field.
My original motivation was to gain and retain my certification as a quality auditor.  Since I joined the leadership team for ASQ 1300 Denver Region and spent more time with the membership and leadership teams, it is to learn from and network with this awesome group of professionals.  Every meeting I have attended has given me some insight to quality roles in a variety of industries and the tours that we have been able to coordinate (thank you Brendan Bartolo) and the speakers that share their knowledge on a wide variety of topics, has increased my appetite for learning.