Message from the Chair.........

Message from the Chair……

Welcome back from the summer break. I know, where did the summer go now that fall is upon us?

Just a reminder that our first Membership Meeting will be held on WebEx on the first Monday of October, the 4th, 2021.

Our Newsletter and Event Schedule will be out shortly.

Ann Arbor Receives 2020 ASQ PEP Silver Award Recognition.

ASQ Ann Arbor received the 2020 ASQ PEP Siler Award.

"On behalf of the Performance Excellence Program (PEP) committee, we want to thank you for all the hard work your leadership team provided to your Section members this past year, as well as ASQ.

We are pleased to announce that the Ann Arbor Section has received the Silver award recognition for 2020.

With great thanks,

The PEP Committee"

For the full communication, go to

2021-2020 Membership Meetings

Per ASQ HQ instructions, we’ll continue holding the monthly Membership Meeting as virtual events, starting October 2021 running to May 2022. In-person events will require signed waivers. These meetings are the first Monday of the month, with the program starting at 6:00 pm and ending around 7:00 PM. We open the meetings around 5:30 PM for socialization and networking and we typically hold our Section Leadership Committee meetings after the Membership Meeting. All dates, times, topics are subject to change, so consult Ann Arbor events posted on MyASQ at,

The dates for the Membership Meeting are:

For 2021: Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 6

For 2022: Jan 10, Feb 7, Mar 7, Apr 4, and May 3

Ann Arbor Section Community on MyASQ

MyASQ ( is becoming a key tool for communicating to our membership. If you haven’t already signed in to MyASQ and set your email communication preference, please do. Being signed-in, you can participate in discussions, ask for peer assistance, or just tune in to new from ASQ and the Ann Arbor Section, Out of 294 Members as of July 2021, only 77 have logged into MyASQ. The is a plan to have a posting on how Ann Arbor has built a dashboard to process the meeting survey’s and record attendance. Unless you log-in or regularly visit the website, you will miss out on the current information on the Ann Arbor Section of ASQ.

Nomination and Election of Ann Arbor Officers for 2022

We’ll soon announce the nominees for Ann Arbor’s Officers for 2022. September we’ll announce the nominees and the membership votes in the October Membership Meeting. November is the deadline for submission of our 2022 Officers.

Career Networking, Job Opportunities, Looking for Employment

We’ve created a discussion group, Job Board, just for networking with fellow Ann Arbor ASQ members. This is in addition to the overall ASQ job posting. You can post your job search, career transition, and any leads on a job. Our Placement Chair will follow up on the postings for awareness during our Membership Meetings.

2021 Ann Arbors Officers

Member Leaders Name


Office356 ID

Tom Strong


Wanda Colon-Rivera


Carla Totton


Jeff Poliner

Secretary, VOC