ASQ Ann Arbor Newsletter Winter 2021
Find attached our Winter News letter 2021:
  • Letter from the Chair
  • Member Leaders for 2021
  • New contact emails for member leaders.
  • Transition to MyASQ Complete
  • Decommissioning of the old site
  • Events for the Winter of 2021
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Thomas Strong‍ and Kelvin Elvidge‍ - Great work with the Section newsletter! Kelvin mentioned in the Region pulse call this month that he'd like to make sure it's easy to locate. I was able to find it quickly and easily here in the Section community both from the Discussions page and from the home page of the community. 😊 Great to see it so easy to access online and all the great content as well!
Eric Zink
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Great, glad it's getting noticed. Tom and Kelvin have upped the game with the last 2 newsletters, and I'm glad it's getting appreciated. Makes all the work and effort worth it.

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