Let's talk about our October 19 Virtual Meeting - and about 2023 Meetings/Topics/Speakers!

On October 19, our section held our first meeting since the pandemic shut things down in March of 2020. We did a virtual meeting, as a kick-off to what will hopefully be more meetings - both virtual and in-person - in 2023. Many thanks go to the presenters for a great job - Steve Prevette, Phll Monroe, and Doris Cronkhite. They shared "Stories from the Workplace" with an emphasis on how important data and data analysis is.

For those who participated in this meeting, we'd like to hear your thoughts - did you find this meeting/the topic worth your time? What can we do, if anything, for the next meeting/presentation to make it even better? Do you have any suggestions for future speakers or topics? Please let us know - you can join the discussion here, send us an email, or contact any of our section leadership team members.