Who is Planning to Attend this year's World Conference on Quality & Participation (WCQI)?

This year's WCQI is being offered as an in-person event, with the option to also sign up for the “virtual” version. There are definitely some positives about doing it virtually - including save a bundle on travel, hotel and related costs. But I noticed that it appears there are a lot more sessions, and of course networking opportunities for those who attend in person.

I have been fortunate to be able to attend quite a few of the past ASQ (and also, before they merged into ASQ, Association for Quality & participation [AQP]) annual conferences. So many great memories - Fort Worth, San Antonio, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Orlando, Nashville, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas....I even got to meet Ben & Jerry in San Antonio (yes, they gave out ice cream after their keynote presentation!) ... Met Joe Theisman in New Orleans ... Lily Tomlin in Portland ...There were riverboat cruises in Nashville and New Orleans ... And staying at the Opryland Hotel (now called Gaylord, I think) in Nashville - I got lost almost every day trying to get back to my hotel room after attending conference sessions - the place is huge!

I have met so many wonderful people at these conferences, made many new friends, and gained a lot of knowledge from the educational sessions, workshops and keynote presentations.

But I digress... I'm wondering who is planning to attend this year's WCQI event? And I'm hoping if you are a member of our Columbia Basin ASQ section that if you participate in the conference you will consider submitting an article for an upcoming section newsletter, to share your experiences with others. It's always great to hear about what the conference "highlights" are for everyone.

Jo Haberstok