What are you doing in 2022?

I thought I'd help Jo out here with getting some conversation going. Online discussions can be tricky - I've learned that from teaching classes remotely - online. It does offer some level of connection. Here I am in South Carolina - and still serving as a volunteer for 614. I could tell you about my experiences with my local section (1112) but rather not get into that. Jo did a nice job converting a “what am I doing lately” writeup to a nice article - thanks Jo. I hope others will chime in with what is happening in their lives.

For Jenni and I - we are 20 days from a Caribbean cruise - its been nearly three years since we took a cruise (which was New Zealand to Los Angeles via Tahiti and Hawaii).

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Thank you, Steve, for starting (or at least trying to start) a discussion here in our myASQ Community. I almost missed it, because - well, maybe I don't know how to “sort” these discussion items - on my computer screen, they never seem to show the most recent posts first, which seems really strange to me.

Anyway, that's cool that you and Jenni are going on a Caribbean cruise! Maybe when you return, you'll have some “quality” notes to share about your experience. Most of the cruises I've been on have been pretty positive overall. And I certainly can't fault the cruise line for the one time I got a little seasick after a somewhat rocky sea (and it didn't help that I could also smell the diesel while I was having breakfast that morning). Anyone who hasn't been on a cruise should definitely give it a go!