How to get section members to serve in leadership roles in 2021?

We've been trying for several months now to get some of our current members to volunteer to take on the required section leadership roles for 2021 (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Nominations) - but have gotten no volunteers. 

The same thing happened last year, and to be able to keep the section viable at least for 2020, the folks who had been serving in the 2019 roles agreed to continue in 2020.  With many of the current leadership team members either unable to serve in 2021 or not interested in continuing (due to term limits, burnout or other reasons), it's looking like we may not be able to continue the section after the end of December.  We've had so many great meetings, site visits, presenters, monthly newsletters, networking opportunities, etc., for many, many years ... sad to think we may not be able to continue to have a presence in our community here.

Any ideas?  I don't know any other ways to get members to step up except by asking them, explaining that most positions don't require more than a couple hours of time each month, offering to work with them to learn the ropes, etc.  And I've been doing all those things already...
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