2019 State of the Section - Letter from the Section Chair
Dear ASQ Section 0202 Member or friend:

As we conclude the 2018 / 2019 program year I am presenting this summary of the section health and events over the past 12 months.

Membership:  Our current section membership consists of 90 active members and has been at this level for over a year.   The Section Leadership Committee (SLC) is constantly exploring alternative methods to promote membership within our section.  If there are any specific suggestions or recommendations, please let me or any SLC member know.

Programs and Participation:  Our section’s mission is to provide meaningful programs and educational events to our section members, and anyone interested in Quality Techniques and Methods. 

We had to cancel a few of the dinner meetings due to low attendance.  Our decision point is 12 attendees.  Any less than that and our budget cannot support the financial loss for holding a dinner meeting.  Tag’s has been more than willing to work with us, but their prices have gone up and they have had to pass them along.  Other dinner meeting venues and options are being looked at.  As Tag’s consistently rates highly in our surveys the SLC tends to keep the business there and Tag’s is about geographically centered within our membership.

Section Leadership Committee:  We have an urgent need for new volunteers to participate on our Section Leadership Committee.  The ASQ limits the number of times an individual can hold an SLC position.  The SLC chair and the Treasurer can only hold the position for two consecutive years.  Our current SLC is comprised of a few members who have been very active and supportive of the Section for many years and we have each rotated between the required roles to meet ASQ requirements.

Per ASQ guidelines, the following positions will need to be filled with new member leaders by 2020 for the Section Chair and 2021 for the Treasurer. 

I would encourage you to think about participating on our Section Leadership Committee.  New members and new ideas can only improve our section’s programs and outreach to more organizations.  The time commitment by position varies but is rarely over 4 – 5 hours per month and is a great opportunity to work with other quality minded individuals.  Personally, I have enjoyed the years I have been on the SLC.  We are currently looking for individuals to help the above mentioned roles along with Technology (ie. Web Master), New Members and Members-at-Large. 

In summary, our section is on the threshold of no longer being viable from a membership, program presentation, and leadership standpoint.  The SLC appreciates the support and participation you have shown through the years and any ideas you have on programs, new members, or SLC participation to enhance our sections growth would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Robertson
Section Chair, Section 0202
drobertson@stny.rr.com , or asq.ce.section202@gmail.com