People and Resources TCC virtual event planning help requested
Stephanie Gaulding is requesting volunteer help for planning a Segment event this year,
If you are willing and able, respond to Stephanie directly.

Hi Everyone,

As I committed, I'm sending a follow-up email on putting together a team to plan a PSR Segment Event that you can share with your member leaders or others who may be interested in supporting this effort. We want to start with a single event and see how that goes before deciding if we continue and at what frequency.

Purpose of the Event: Provide an opportunity for us to connect with our members directly in an interactive way (akin to networking events at WCQI) both sharing what's going on within our technical communities and hear from them as to their needs or desires from us.

Benefits: We've discussed the following benefits so far:
  • connection of our related technical communities directly with our members
  • increase member knowledge about what we do and current activities
  • general networking
  • source of future member leaders
  • if successful it could become a best practice and something we can share with the other segments

Support from ASQ event planning would be available in looking at and selecting from available platforms. Prior meeting planning experience is not required (the HDL rep has this - more is welcome but not required).

Team size: minimum of 3-4 volunteers; however, we are happy to have more

Action: Provide the name of a volunteer from your technical community to Stephanie Gaulding ( prior to next month's segment meeting.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

Kindest regards,