Active Group?
New to ASQ and new to Social Responsibility but I would like to be involved with the group and attempt to make a positive contribution… it still active?
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Yes please do connect.
Chair SRTC
ISO 26000 is defined as the international standard developed to help organizations effectively assess and address social responsibilities that are relevant and significant to their mission and vision; operations and processes; customers, employees, communities, and other stake holders; and environmental impact. (courtesy ASQ website)
Covid 19 displays the SWOT aspects of the small, medium and large enterprises towards the relevance of social responsibilities.
In Canada both Federal and Provincial governments are collaborating to discharge their social responsibility at this hour of need.
They are putting aside their political ideologies at the back burner.
QMS Certifying bodies and the industry/ enterprises are embracing "Remote Auditing"; school/colleges/universities are using on line teaching methodology. More grocery shopping on line and so on.
These extraordinary times eventually give way to a new normal. 
Please share your views.


Best Regards, 
Girish Trehan 
QMS Lead Auditor
Partial-Load Professor, Sheridan College 
ASQ Education Chair Section 0402

Hello Girish

How would you change your audit plan to reflect this new understanding of social responsibility post- COVID 19?  This is a great opportunity to apply the ISO 26000 framework


Hi Ruth
The audit plan is presented in two steps, remote and onsite audit.
The remote audit plan is focused on processes that includes QMS sans Manufacturing, context of the organisation, document review, video communication for collecting and verifying information.

All other processes are audited as per the onsite audit plan, within 6 months of remote audit as per IAF ID 3:2011
This is relevant for surveillance and re-certification audits.