WCQI 2019 - SRTC "Share Your Insight" Results...
A special thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth at WCQI this year. It was a great opportunity for us to say hello to some familiar faces and connect with new people passionate about SR.  

This year, we asked people that stopped by to answer a few questions for us.  We wanted to check in with members and make sure we're on target to provide the content and related activities that you considered the most important. 

As a summary of results, we had 108 people complete the requested info. Not knowing the exact show attendee numbers, we estimated a 6.35% return rate based on what we were given. 

What you wanted to know more about: 
Corporate Social Responsibility: 62%
Personal Social Responsbility: 36%
Supplier Social Responsibility: 26%
SR Standards: 33%
Environment / Sustainability: 51%
Mentoring: 26%

How many of you considered your employer to be socially responsible?
88.24% said yes
11.76% said no

How important do you think SR is? 
Very Important: 90.65%
Somewhat Important: 9.35%
Not Important: 0%

So, what do you think? Any comments, or specific suggestions for our activities ongoing?

PS: Our raffle winners were contacted via email, and three lucky individuals should be receiving book bundles within the next few days!