ASQ Recognized Best Practice

In the fall of 1999, I responded to an invitation by the Manitoba Community Foundations on behalf of the Community Foundations of Canada to participate in community project titled, Our Millennium.

Our Millennium was a nationwide initiative of Canada's community foundations that invited Canadians to celebrate the millennium by coming together to do something special in our communities, something that lasts. An opportunity to capture the energy and emotion sparked by the arrival of the millennium, channeling these into creating wonderful, lasting gifts for our communities with neighbours, friends, family or co-workers a better, stronger, more vibrant place.

The idea for Our Millennium came from Peter Aykroyd, father of actor Dan Aykroyd, who played a major role in organizing Canada's 1967 Centennial Celebrations. His research showed there was no better way to celebrate this millennium milestone than by giving gifts to the future of our communities.

Relationships (local, regional, national and international) are the key to improving the quality of life, our health, safety and well-being for each and every one of us at all levels of activities in our communities. Our relationship with the National Research Council in Winnipeg, Manitoba and NRC’s initiative, the Canadian Technology Network established many local and outreach relationships.

Web listings included overviews of the Section Affairs and Divisions councils with each of the chairs contact information. An oversight on my part was not to include the Midwest Conference Board and to ask them for their participation. Manitoba was in Canada and the MCB’s most northern member.

The initiative of the Community Foundations of Canada allowed the raising of one small voice in unison with many others to make a difference for all.


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