Manitoba's First Quality Month, October 1988

The local theme for Manitoba's for first quality month, October is MANITOBA QUALITY MONTH, Make it Yours. The National/International theme was Competing with Quality: Beyond Customer Satisfaction.

It was held at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada and sponsored by the Manitoba Section.

One of my many roles that day was to meet His Worship Bill Murray, the City of Winnipeg's Mayor and to escort him to the event site. I seem to recall him driving a huge yellow coloured Dodge station wagon that day. I was waiting outside to show him where to park his car when he arrived.

He was the first politician I had met, talked with and shook hands with. One thing that struck me about his easy going nature was that politicians are people too.

The first Manitoba brochure is enclosed.

The Manitoba members who were the co-founders of Manitoba's First Quality Month were;

  • Dr. Madhav Sinha, Chair
  • Frank Spearey, Programs
  • Bill Kops, Education
  • Gary Gerelus, Membership
  • Barry Colby, Secretary

MQM 1988.pdf

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