Message from Incoming Chair for 2020
Message from the Chair of the Section
Desmond Mahadeo, Chair, ASQ Toronto
My Fellow ASQ members, it is with great pride and humility as I reach out to you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you as the Chair for 2021, and I give you my solemn conviction that I will work towards making the ASQ Toronto Section, all about focus on member value. We, the Section Leaders who have taken on these roles as volunteers, are here to provide value to you, the members of this section.

 I would like to take a moment to reflect on the decades that went by. We are in a new decade, the third of this century, and as I look back, I can recall the articles at the dawn of the millennium on the “Future of Quality in the next decades ahead”. I was a member when we changed from ASQC to ASQ some 20 plus years ago, to get rid of the focus on “Quality Control”. Change has happened and Quality as a discipline continues to evolve reaching every sector, there are some gaps, but this is our challenge, to continue to create awareness and foster a culture of Quality embracing all industry sectors. The ASQ has been established over 75 plus years ago and has been the network for Quality professionals. The Toronto Section, the second largest section in the word, have some members with over 45 years membership.

So, what do we expect in the next decade? Yes, the cliché of Quality 4.0 is deeply ingrained in us from the constant bombardment over the last eighteen months, but what does it really mean? Quality 4.0 is about Technology enabling People to work effectively and efficiently in Processes. The recent pandemic has served as a catalyst in moving work to virtual platforms and without skipping a beat, we in Section 402 moved to this medium, delivering webinars, conferences, and monthly section meetings.

As we forge ahead, the Quality Horizon will continue to change, we will see the rise of AI (artificial intelligence), IOT (internet of things), integrated QMS platforms to drive quality improvements, and improved data management to provide timely and effective decision making, so let us get ready!

To enable the next decade, my vision is “Rekindle, Refocus, Restructure”, and this is to ensure we rally on ahead and enable Quality 4.0. What does my vision entail?
Rekindle- Light that fire and make it glow bright, our Section needs to be re-energised to focus on the future challenges
Refocus – What are we about? It is all about members and value creation, Transparency, Accountability, Engagement
Restructure – how can we organise ourselves to enable the new challenges?
The ASQ HQ has also responded and created platforms to enable collaboration, such as the My ASQ website, SharePoint for member leaders and MS office 365 to enable this. Yes, we no longer have the ASQ Toronto website and executive emails, but we will provide you ways of contacting us once this is fully enabled. Please send me emails to until we have everything established and running.

In our January 2021 meeting, in the spirit of transparency, I will share our new structure aligned to this vision, and what we will be achieving as outlined in the business plan.
I am supported by the best Team anyone can have and I am honoured and proud to be leading this Team, they are dedicated members who have volunteered their time to help serve this higher purpose, so I want to thank them for their commitment.

Please join me in the January meeting for more details of the vison and alignment to the business plan,
The Committees: Leadership, Finance, Membership, Education, Communications, Special Projects, Program and Nomination