ASQ Calgary Section Short Article Competition
ASQ Calgary Section
Short Article Competition
The Calgary Section of ASQ is happy to announce the launch of a Short Article Competition.
This will give you, our member, the opportunity to produce that article that you wanted to write for some time and to share with your colleagues a particular area of expertise or specific project that you completed and feel proud about! So, we invite you to pound the keyboard with your creative ideas!
We believe that the reward for this competition will be of significant value and interest to you, since it consists of half of the fees to attend the upcoming World Conference on Quality and Innovation (QCQI). The WCQI takes place this year, in virtual form, on May 24 – 27. This is the premier annual event organized by ASQ International with several great keynote speakers and dozens of insightful sessions.
The award will be given to two members for their individual articles selected by the jury, and it will consist of US$ 425 (the full price for the conference is US$ 849) for each of the two authors , paid in the Canadian currency equivalent at the time the registration is paid to the ASQ.
About the Article
We have selected a spectrum of topics wide enough to attract your varied interests, and they are:
  • Promotion of quality objectives of the ASQ
  • Case study using a quality standard, applied to any industry, including the results
  • Practical experience with the application of Quality 4.0
  • Quality: Before and after the fact - QA and QC
  • How QA, QC and QI impact operations
  • Programs implemented, how it was done, how successful they were
In addition, we will accept submissions from students and entry-level quality professionals who do not yet have practical experience. These entries will be judged separately. Please let us know at the time of submission if you want to be considered in this category.
The competition may not result in an award being given.
All submitted articles will be considered for publication in our digital newsletter. The articles will be considered acceptable if they are between 600 and 1000 words.
The winning articles will be published in our newsletter. Other articles will also be considered for publication. The articles may be slightly edited for publication.
A jury has been formed with five senior members of the Member Leadership Team of the Calgary section who have many years of experience and expertise across the quality disciplines. Their decision will be unappealable and final.
The articles will be judged primarily based on the following three main criteria: relevancy to the chosen topic, readability, and technical content.
The jurors will not know the name of the authors until after the winners have been chosen.
The key dates for this competition are:
  • Deadline for submission of articles: April 9th
  • Announcement of the winner: April 23rd
The payment for the award will be made upon completion of the conference with presentation of proof of registration and of attendance.
Please send your article in “.doc, .docx or pdf” format to: You can also send questions to the same address.