Virtual Volunteer or networking opportunities
Hi all,

I'm new to ASQ, especially the Houston Chapter. I wanted to know does anyone know of any potential virtual volunteering or networking opportunities that might be coming up? If no, is there any brainstorming sessions or meetings that are conducted for the Houston chapter to discuss such proposals? Thanks for your help!

- Eric
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Hello Michael!
Excellent idea to have a virtual networking meeting. This would fall under our Programs Committee. I have notified our Programs Committee Chair Laura Ewing‍ and Vice Chair Eduardo Vega‍ of this request. Programs Committee can also be reached at So far, all of our virtual meeting this year have been for presentation/speaker type for professional development, but we could certainly offer more virtual meetings geared toward networking.

In regards to volunteering opportunities, Phillip Chen‍ is our Volunteer Committee chair. He can also be reached at 
Thanks so much for the information Forrest. I'll follow up in a month or so to see if there has been progress. If not, I'd be happy to help brainstorm some ideas. I have some, but I am not sure if they are practical or not. It always helps to think of solutions rather than problems right :) ?

Also, thank you for the information for Philip Chen. I will follow up and see if any opportunities coming up.
Hi Michael - I just found out yesterday that we are having some issues with the email account.  As we work through the issue, please feel free to reach me at  Looking forward to catching up with you.  Thx.
You might want to check all the asq inboxes as I have sent several emails to these addresses and have never received a response. 
I sent an e-mail to the account you mentioned. I look forward to helping out and meeting our Houston chapter!
Hi - got your email and responded to you via email.  We are currently looking for volunteers to help in these committees - communications, social media, sponsorship.  Contact me at  Thx.
Hi Arnold - our apologies for the email issues.  We recently found out that our email addresses at were not working.  As such, we didn't get your emails and thus, you didn't get any responses either.  Please email me at and I'll help you out or find someone else that can.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.  Once again, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.  

Phillip Chen
ASQ Houston Volunteer Committee Chair