Section 1405 Officer Nominations for 2021 from general membership body now open
Our 2021 Section 1405 Officer Nominations window is now open. These roles are, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. 
Elected Officers will serve 01/01/21 to 12/31/21. Our Member Leadership Team has proposed the following Officers. However, if we have any nominees (full, senior, or fellow Section 1405 members in good standing) from our general membership body, they my nominate themselves or others that meet the qualifications here 

Eduardo Vega‍ : Chair

Prashant Godbole‍ : Vice Chair
Keith Pache‍ : Treasurer
Anthony Adams‍ : Secretary

This nomination window will close on Sunday, October 25th at noon. If there are any proposed nominations these roles, our Nominations Chair will verify their membership status, ensure they understand and are comfortable with the responsibilities, then make another Qualtrics Survey the last week of October for final voting. If no other valid members are nominated, the following slate as chosen by our Member Leadership Team shall carry forward.