In preparation for our Regional Conference this November 8th.

I need a creative member to help creating the official poster for the conference. 
Conference basic information is this link:

I was thinking a Houston photo and maybe some references to the area icons: NASA, OIl & GAs, Healthcare.
Please help with your creativity. 

Eduardo Vega
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Anthony Adams‍ Can you help with this?
Hola Eduardo, I am not creative at all, and cant help with a poster design, however, can generate ideas based on tonight discussions about how to increase attendance. If we continue to do the same thing, the results will likely be the same. Nasa,  O&G and healthcare have been around since and built the business community since the 1960s. There are several business disruptors which better reflect the image of today's Houston. We have the best restaurants in America, we are the most diverse city in the US, the major has laid a plan for Houston to become the "Silicon Bayou", with a technology hub in the old Sears building in midtown, with the backing of Rice University. I am sure that people can brainstorm more ideas about applications of Quality management and quality principles in Houston, and reflect that in an inviting poster. Another idea that just popped up is the bicycle trails network that will improve the quality of life in the city. Let's think about thinks that are happening now in the city and how Quality management can contribute and make a long term impact. May be that starts attracting the next generations of quality engineers?