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Welcome ASQ Houston SLT

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Forrest R.
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I am currently working in the Houston area and need RUs for recertification of CQA by next year. I don't have time for any "away" seminars or educational programs. Can you make any suggestions for evening or online activities that would yield RUs?
Hi Gerald,

Any webinar that aligns with the body of knowledge or is job enhancing counts towards RU's under professional development. ASQ has plenty of webinars that you can watch at your leisure and count towards the RU's required.
Thanks Steve,
I recently listened to a Webinar through the San Antonio Chapter and I earned .1 RU. I was informed of the event through email. How can I access more of these Webinars?
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Gerald Beer
You're welcome, Gerald.

As a member of ASQ, you will receive a monthly email that includes the "Member Gift." There is at least one, often more, webinars included. Just follow the link. You can search ASQ website as well. I also receive other emails with links to webinars. Google search for a specific topic, and I am sure you will find all sorts of videos, webinars to watch.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, I will continue my RU quest with your suggestions in mind.