Election of Officers (2021) – Nominations from the general Section membership

The Nominating Committee for the ASQ Hamilton section is preparing a slate of candidates for the incoming leadership for 2022. There are three positions that must be filled through an election. Those positions are: Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

A regular member of the section can be nominated by other regular members of the section to one of these positions. A regular member is defined as a "voting member[1]." In other words, regular members are not student members. As well, this means that student members cannot cast a ballot during an election.

A nomination petition is available for download from our myASQ community or a copy can be obtained by emailing Michel Guenette, Nominating Committee Chair, at mguenette@memberleader.asq.org.

Based on the number of regular members in our section at the end of June 2020, a nominee will need to obtain 10 signatures. It is the lower of either 4% of the regular members OR 10 regular members.

For the purposes of transparency, here are the numbers:

  • 265 members and 25 of them were students
  • 265 –25 = 240 * 0.04 = 9.6 ~ 10 = 10

If you are interested in one the positions listed above, then there are some rules that you must follow.


  • Candidates are prohibited from campaigning by any means including having others campaign for them.
  • No use of ASQ mailing or membership information lists or other society resources, including myASQ (see note below) and LinkedIn to promote any candidate.
  • No use of Society Funds or solicitation of funds from individual members or member units for campaign purposes.
  • Elected officers may only hold one elected position at a time.
  • Chair or Treasurer may not be appointed as Audit Chair.
  • Individuals nominated are NOT allowed to campaign.[2]

Be sure to read the position descriptions for each elected officer. Keep in mind the time commitments throughout the year and the responsibilities that you will have, if you are elected.

If you have any questions, then contact Michel Guenette, Nominating Committee Chair, at mguenette@memberleader.asq.org.


About the myASQ Community

Since it is nearly impossible to meet in person and the section is not hosting any member meetings at a physical location in the near term, the nominating committee has permission to use myASQ in order to allow interested regular members to self-nominate and/or to endorse nominees. Keep in mind that campaigning is prohibited, so nominees and nominators will be limited in how they can post replies to the discussion thread.


I, [INSERT FULL NAME], am self-nominating for the elected position of [Chair-Elect OR Secretary OR Treasurer] for 2022.


I, [INSERT FULL NAME], am endorsing [NOMINEE'S FULL NAME] as the [Chair-Elect OR Secretary OR Treasurer] for 2022.

This compromise should allow regular members that are interested in an elected position to collect the minimum number of 'signatures' required for their Nomination Petition Form. A signature is the combination of the Member Name AND the Member Number. However, for privacy reasons, nominators should not share nor divulge their Member Number with other members online. The current Section Leadership Committee (SLC) has access to all the current members, and we can obtain the information from our records. You may be contacted by the nominating committee to confirm your endorsement of nominees.

In order to participate in the discussion, the nominees and the nominators must be members of the section AND logged in to myASQ. Otherwise, the buttons that allow posts and replies to be created are not available.

Finally, about 100 members of the section have joined the myASQ community. This will not reach everyone in the section, but it seems to be best that we can do given the circumstances of COVID-19, physical distancing, and not breaking the rules about membership information lists.


[1] ASQ's Bylaws: Professional, Senior, Fellow, and Honorary membership types shall be voting members of the Society and shall have one vote per membership. Voting members collectively shall be called Regular Members.

[2] However, they are free to answer any questions submitted to them by an eligible voter.