What are the benefits of being a Member Leader?
Janet Lentz
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This year at #wcqi2022 member leaders had a day-long opportunity to learn how to better serve our sections and the Society.

Did you know that #asq member leaders contribute the equivalent of 144 full-time employee hours per year?

A hot topic for discussion was, “What are the benefits of being a member leader?”

No matter what stage of your career, volunteering to be a member leader at #asq will help you build a network of people as passionate about about helping others succeed as they are about #quality.

I have honed my #leadership and #teamwork skills, managed business plans, and organized programs.

I can’t say enough good things about our member leaders in Philly ASQ. They pushed on through the pandemic to provide RUs and value to members. We’re excited to host #wcqi2023. Let us know if you want to be involved as a volunteer.