Missing the old website

Change can indeed be a good thing, but I sure do miss the old Philly ASQ website. That was a go-to source of information about section 505. The timing by ASQ corporate to do away with local section websites was unfortunate, what with the emergence of Covid 19 and all. I appreciate all the hard work that volunteers had put into the website for so many years.

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@Paul Meixner well, after 13 days, there have been 2 views and zero replies. I guess that kind of reinforces the notion that the discussion portion of myASQ isn't a great resource for our section members.

Linda Olds
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@Paul Meixner ASQ is working currently on a replacement for myASQ. Hopefully the new platform will be better.

@Linda Olds thanks! Have a great holiday weekend.

Janet Lentz
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@Paul Meixner I appreciate your post. myASQ has everything our old website has, and more.

The discussion section is only as good as the people who use it, and unfortunately not many people use our community page discussion boards. The general ASQ discussion boards are quite active though, and you may find more engagement there.