Engagement Matters When Virtual Networking
Janet Lentz
135 Posts
During the job strategies webinar provided by Philadelphia ASQ, many people indicated that they struggle with virtual networking because their network was too small or they didn’t know how to reach out to strangers. This is a common challenge. LinkedIn was the primary networking site  they use.

Developing a strong network IS work, no question, but the benefits are huge. Here’s some tips:
  • Engagement means actively participating on the platform. Reading posts, liking them, commenting, sharing, quoting others, etc.
  • Post content. Don’t worry if anyone “likes” it or comments. Keep showing up and it will happen.
  • Send a personal message when asking to connect with someone and then follow up with them if they accept.
  • Give more often than you receive.
If you reach out to just one person every day you will be amazed at how quickly your network builds. Feel free to reach out to me and mention this post. I’m always happy to connect with other ASQ members.