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Thomas Reed
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We welcome ANYONE who participated an evening live webinar topic hosted by Philadelphia, to start a thread and contribute more on the subjects May through August 2020. While the site for myASQ Philadelphia itself is a public site where anyone can view a discussion history, you need to be logged into myASQ and be a member of the Philadelphia Section myASQ Geographic Community in order to start or contribute a reply, to view other contributor’s profiles, and to send a private message to other.

From, you want to select myHome from top menu, left side. Use your ASQ Username and Password. and member LOGINS are synchronized.
Once at myHome, look for the site section titled myCommunities. Check to See if the Philadelphia Section appears on your myCommunity list.
  • If so, click it and you have ability to contribute. Notice: a community sub-menu ribbon now appears below the global main-menu.
  • If not, to contribute, you have to request to join our community for free via a phone call to ASQ Customer Care Representatives Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central. 800-248-1946 
Recommended: under the top global menu [HELP]> Helpful Hints, review [Overview of myASQ] and review [How to Use Discussion Boards]. Both will present you with downloadable PowerPoint files, accessible whether logged in or not.
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Janet Lentz
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Wonderful post Tom, to keep the conversation alive. Thanks for all your hard work on behalf of the section.