Section Email Communication Issues?

The ASQ San Antonio section uses MailChimp, a mass email distribution application, to communicate with its section members. With this knowledge, it's possible many of our members are not receiving these emails. This could be due to several reasons, but the most common reasons are listed below:

  1. The email profile associated with your account is not current. ASQ San Antonio Section 1404 uses the email address registered with ASQ national/headquarters. Please verify that the email address on your account profile with ASQ national/headquarters is correct.
  2. You are not listed as a member of ASQ San Antonio Section 1404. You must be a registered member of the section to receive emails so please verify with ASQ national/headquarters that you have selected ASQ San Antonio Section 1404 as your local section.
  3. You have chosen not to be contacted by ASQ via email. You'll need to go to and check your Communication Preferences under your account information. In order to show up on the email roster, you'd have to approve communication from ASQ via email. 
  4. Your firewall or spam blocker is preventing the ASQ San Antonio emails from coming through. Please check your firewall settings or speak to your company IT administrator as ASQ San Antonio uses MailChimp to send emails.
  5. You use Gmail and the emails go to the Promotions folder. The best possible solution is to move the email to your Primary folder to receive it there so you're aware of the communication.  
Feel free to contact our internet liaison team for additional assistance.