Quality in the Triangle (QIT) 2022 - Abstract Request

Do you have a quality success that you would like to share? The QIT committee is accepting proposals for 1-hour concurrent sessions that fit with the theme of this year’s conference.

The 2022 conference agenda will offer actionable strategies and deep insights into organizational excellence, new or disruptive technologies, leadership and change management, and quality fundamentals. Attendees will come away with vital tools and tactics to affect change, increase value, and drive their organizations toward quality goals.
Talent – Celebrate winning approaches to process design, program implementation, team building, and continuous improvement.
Technology – Examine how advances in technology - from data gathering and new computing capabilities to advances in AI, automation and robotics, additive technology, and virtualization - continue to impact the quality landscape.
Transformation – Explore the transformative change taking place across the quality landscape and showcase the use of digital, virtual, and internet-based tools to increase value throughout an enterprise.
Quality in the Triangle 2022 - Abstract Request.docx

To submit, write a brief summary to introduce your proposed topic and its learning objectives, and develop a high-level outline of your proposed presentation. Send this writeup to Stephanie Parker at sparker@memberleader.asq.org by April 15th to be considered for this year’s conference.