Doctoral Research Participation Request
Hello all! I have reached the phase in my Doctoral program where I can start collecting data. I am studying the effect on cybersecurity risk perception when communicating using tactical versus aggregated risk metrics. The official title of the research effort is: Reducing Cybersecurity Risk Information Asymmetry Phenomenon: A Prescriptive Approach To Improving Cybersecurity Risk Perception

I would appreciate any and all responses, as I need at least 180 (I have 30 currently) responses from 90 CISOs (or equivalent cybersecurity leads) and 90 business leaders (C-Suite executives or Board members). Please share with your CXOs 😊

If you are willing to assist in my research and are in the above communities kindly complete the consent form here:, after agreeing to the study, a link to the survey and your UPID will be presented. This info will also be emailed to you (check your junk folder). Make sure you copy and paste the UPID into your survey.

Thank you in advance!